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i don't think based on what we have seen so far that there is a need for prolonging the negotiations what are the main obstacles that the point that remain. the main obstacles are very clear if you know that israel is not seriously interested in the negotiations they are using the negotiations as means to. maintain the status quo to build more settlements and to put the blame on the palestinians when they try to divert the negotiations from the original final status issues into the newly presented issues like the jewish nation of the state of israel who are like the. security arrangements on the jordan valley these are not issues of the final status that has we have agreed to discuss since launch into the so it's really clear that
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introducing a new a new top acts in the last minute is a reflection of israeli intentions to divert attention to bring. problematic issues on the table and although for the negotiations to reach a total that will mr abbas also said that if the negotiations fail then palestine would revert to other options what are the other options well you know we don't have that many options other options we have only one option if the negotiations really fail then of course we have to go either to an international conference and we have been talking for so many years about the international for us and most schools. you know as as a continuation oath international collective as. it's to bring about
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a solution to the conflict or we will go back to the united nations seeking membership to all specialized agencies applying to sign protocols and conventions and seeking. membership in the united nations so palestine sicking full membership in the united states depends on the minute nations united nations depends on a negotiation well. we have committed ourselves to in nine months periods and we are respecting that we are not going to do anything you know until the twenty ninth of april after that we will see what arch the outcomes and what are the options and so on then that this moment we should not talk about plan b. rather than you know trying to see how we could maximize the existing efforts to
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make the current what's initiated by secretary kerry a successful and well palestine accept jerusalem as a capital for chip capital for pro thirty eight we are accepting jerusalem to be an open city west jerusalem as capital of israel and as euro zone as the capital of palestine and that people can move freely from east to west from west to east without any problem respecting the religious freedom for all religions and this is really how jews event should should look like what do you think of the canadian proposal to establish international control over the old city . well. i was a word of these. what you call it official slash not official.
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kind of if it's. canadian if it's just to present some ideas to. the old city of jerusalem but this is really only one off so many other floating ideas about jerusalem and old city old or holy sites within within jerusalem. is the capital of palestine and we cannot accept anything less than the issues of them being the capital of palestine internationalizing the city or bringing an international body or international force to over see you know the city is unacceptable. you know and that's why canadian words appreciated but you know could stay as an exercise what they call it the cosmic exercise that was done by
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a group of academic slash the former diplomats who tried really just to engage to use canadian funds to do some kind of academic work. that would have us has also said recently that. the right for the palestinian refugees and their descendants to return to the territories of israel cannot be negotiated away so is their right to return more important than the establishment of the palestinian statehood no no. they issue of refugees rather than the right of for it is one of the final status issues and we want three to six to solve the this issue as much as we want to solve the other pending issues so the right of return is part of you know there's questions about how to solve the issue you know the issues that officialese. i want to remind you. former
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president clinton in two thousand has a presented what so called the clinton but i metas to try really to solve you know that if you g. issue underfeed you problem and that that particular time you know he made reference to four categories one category is you know the. were the are today in the hosting countries pending that the hosting countries will accept that and then they would they will get compensation they are in zinj or than they are in syria they are in lebanon since or the second. is that you know to to to go to a third country and this is really pending that the third country will accept them could be united states could be kind of that could be it says it says that the third option is that you know they will go back to the state of palestine when the state of palestine money that's what i'm asking could that be an option to go to
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the absolutely absolutely because israel would not no no no no accept will not accept that's their problem but you know the solution should overcome what they accept or not to accept because we are talking about an international mechanism that will solve the problem under problem is not is not want to be solved only by israel. with a sense does this it has to do with also the international involvement in finding a solution to this problem of the percent of fiji's since one thousand nine hundred eighty three with about five minutes to see if they could be an option on the floor an alternative and the fourth option is that you know a symbolic number of policy to fiji's we go back to the concept of israel pending that israel also will accept and will reveal each application for mr let's take a short break now i'm going we'll be back with pakistan's foreign minister riyadh to talk about the release of the palestinian prisoners and also a proposal on. john kerry to establish
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a joint israeli palestinian presence on the jordan and west bank border stay with us. for the on june sixteenth one thousand forty one we had a graduation party at school and the war broke out. the shops were always full of goods. in september leningrad was blocked. one day mom went to saw that all the shoals were
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empty. in november they bombed the warehouses where you saw it was the main storage place for all the food in the city people eating the earth because it had small traces of sugar in it i tried to eat it as well but i couldn't. the third night it was incredibly heavy bombing. it was a direct treat on that very shelter and everyone was buried underneath and. all of them would dead. it was a. very hard to take. to get. among there is
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a plug in that has sex with the target there's no legs let's listen. legs leg lips a bit. of a. in
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the final. and the rest.
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now we're back with the palestinian foreign minister riyadh maliki here in moscow foreign minister there is this question that arose recently about palestinians recognizing the jewish state i know that there is a large arab minority on that but will you recognize that will you recognize the jewish state if they recognize stay a palestinian statehood not that you will never have the communities as well as the jewish state would never do that's. any other country could do that well problem israel could call itself whatever name that's not a problem. this country used to be the sort of soviet union. right now it's russian federation. iran used to be. what you personally hire president and right now it's really the stomach republic of iran
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libya used to be something and then move to something libya each country could call itself whatever that. it likes and then there will apply to the united nations and asking for changing the name this is it is so simple and decision it's not really pending on me accepting or not accepting now when it comes to me then there is a what you call it international law international law oversights you know what you call it so in decisions and if this sort of decision is really consider this when the international international support proceeds this is really very important now when it comes to this issue in particular why the israelis today and not when they were negotiating during all slope or even after all why you know why hasn't one side actually this is how might this is there in israel think doesn't matter why was the absolutely because because netanyahu wants to complicate matters and
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once read to prevent. reaching a solution to the conflict he doesn't want to indulge cooperation he doesn't want to see an independent palestinian state so he brings into the table a complicated issue like this knowing in advance that the policy is with you know and he will keep insisting that he not this issue will was never you know an issue of negotiations and when we have agreed that we will be defined as a status issues we identified them as six finest as issues this is this this issue was never part of that six one as those issues why we cannot accept this first of all because you know if we accept israel as a jewish state then we are accepting their national narrative. and if we accept did nationalist if then you know we are we are considering our own national that active
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about our connection to the land and about our need to establish an independent us in states they there should be a certain compromise about than i thought a narrative and our narrative you know the moments that's the asked for for tonight there's or not it is then you know we are considering our own this is we do something that we cannot see except secondly we do what about the future of one point two or one point five million palestinians who are living in state of israel as a minority a huge minority and if israel wants to turn itself into the jewish states then you know what will happen to such people i would fear that either there will be expelled or they will their rights will be reduced from being from having political rights into having good know only what the so-called you know.
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practical. rights one and that's very hard to look at all that the subject of negotiations if palestine thought it was possible to recognize all the points that were not could be part of negotiations no what's really a part of the negotiations is the six issues that we have a agreed upon according to the month and we operate we were invited to come back on to find a solution for the six final status issues if israel wants to as i said wants to call itself. the jewish state of the zionist nation of israel some to them to the stupid to call themselves such a name they have to ask united nations to change their name we have asked their. ignitions that we shane's i would name from police done in the state of palestine they have accepted right now our members city of palestine so it's up to them to
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decide and that it needs you know approval you know for such an occasion when you're talking about connections to the land israel insists on keeping jewish settlements on the occupied territories where at least when it comes to jerusalem and heights of jerusalem it happened on campus and they agreed to that if there is an equal swap on land that is proposed look you know. in order to show the readiness to compromise. we have accepted. you know for free the principle of total swap. acknowledging that maybe israel needs certain territorial modifications. in order to define final borders and so in principle principle we have agreed to this now when we sit to negotiate we will start negotiating about where and how the percentage
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there a shoes one. part of that land in this area because of it's of education it's really equivalent to that amount of land you know in other parts of. less developed it's a cetera this is really a technical matter that will be discussed but the principle has been really i could eat and we have no problem you know just to to to continue discussing about the retore as well mr kerry has also proposed a joint israeli palestinian presence on the west bank jordan border but insists on idea of control well at palestine we continue to insist on international presence there against any involvement. didn't you just you know. just you know. thought of what's you know the line of questions first of all you were asking about us recognize it's the jewish nature of the state then
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us accepting you know the settlement situation then us accepting israel having almost a third minutes military presence i don't know what kind of palestinian state it will look like you know under such israeli is. extra what you call it conditions i think you know if we are going to reach an agreement with with the israelis as israelis have to accept the fact that you know a capacious has to end their whole germany over to the palestinian life and future has to stop and they have to realize that you know they have to let go of the occupation and the notion of his own money and to allow the palestinians to have free you know life to plan their own future until have sowed entity over their own territory but you know to add conditions conditions conditions to make you know
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a double students state less and less so that in and under the control of the palestinians this is not going to play i'm just not going to help. us nor the israelis nor the american efforts or the possibility to arrive at a solution to the conflict so the more the israelis are putting conditions the less the possibility that we will reach certain understanding and you know we would advise days early days you know to be realistic and to know that you know we the palestinians we cannot accept anything less than full soden control over all our own territory we cannot accept to live under there's a local patient forever we cannot allow the presence of one single israeli soldier . only palestinian territory we cannot accept through denies inc is a jewish state's if they will agree then there is a possibility for
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a peace agreement if not then of course as you have asked at the beginning what are the options and they told you that there are also few options but you know available options for the palestinians. you actually asked my next question i was going to ask you what the ideal outcome of the negotiations would be. to the latest news israel has recently released and thirty eight long serving palestinian prisoners all convicted of killing israelis they're actually promising to release i think twenty six more months to come so i mean i think television is waiting for something in return yes of course of course well first of all let me let me just explain one thing first of all yes maybe the palestinians who have been imprisoned for killing israelis but you know i might ask you know who killed this thousands and thousands of palestinians funnel people from from from. the israeli
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soldiers so it's a resources also and israeli politicians are also they have blood on their hands with blood on that hand so when we are when we are in conflict one has to let go also the facts that you know accusing one side of neglecting you know the participation of the same crime by the other side when it comes to this issue of the releasing of. prisoners. kerry came to us and he stuck to the two deals one deal that you know we restart negotiations and that negotiations will end by twenty ninth of. april hoping that then we will reach a peace agreement between israel and palestine the second deal he said i know and they. hurts that you the palestinians are preparing to go to the united nations on top like for membership to the different you and agencies to sign to agreements and
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conventions how could i carry convince you not to go or to perform going we said no one will convince us he said what kind of price you expect in order for you to perspire on going we said if israel would release the hundred for a scene of prisoners who are imprisoned before to agreement then we will agree to postpone going to the united nations on top life for membership for a period of nine months so period of nine months has been mentioned in the two two agreements. twice but you know this is a very different different agreement that we have reached with kerry and with netanyahu netanyahu accepted that to release one hundred and four policy and political prisoners on the exchange that we the palestinians would refrain from
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applying to membership to all of you unspecialized agencies and not signing to any protocol that you and protocol so releasing of prisoners we have paid the price already in advance we have agreed not to apply to membership to all these agencies so the price is being really paid and we are not going to pay you know twice. but those prisoners really fake our hero's welcome and how little it absolutely you know there's a legion that was the soldiers who killed the palestinians are also the created literally created by the israeli government this is also part of the narrative this is really a part of the history in israel and palestine you cannot pin point out what we do in deceiving you know the police policy of prisoners as heroes and you know don't really and overlook you know how the israelis. is it the streets you know they're soldiers and the army and the settlers who killed the palestinians and then
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received also heroes you know this is will be it will stay with us as long as the problem exists when we completed an agreement and when we move from the state of war and conflict into a state of peace and cooperation then you know we could review the members how how we treated each other along the way but until until then these issues you know we come we go people one might focus on them or not but the end of the day you know it's like a mirror what you see about but just on just you know look at it exactly it has you know it was supposed to teach exactly what the israeli side absolutely exactly on days like you matter so when you talk about how we receive our prisoners always remember how the israelis receive their soldiers on the settlers who can post in
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foreign minister thank you very much for. the best to come thank you. china for example growing exactly the way the west school they're creating more credit in the system they're creating more debt in the system and the rich are getting richer and the poor staying poor eight hundred million people live a little less than fifteen dollars a day in china and that doesn't seem to be changing it's the number one problem the chinese government has right now you know it seems to me that what the rich have done. is that you know they made themselves so comfortable but in the process they're destroying the entire process of where they got their wealth from in the
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first place the government student to look at people's wealth to worry about these sort of into generational things that. i think if you're a billionaire as i say this is a real. that these people were going to be sort of like sitting there at the top of the book telling the false majority what to do. do we speak your language. news programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you breaking news a little tonnage of angola's stories. or you hear. detroit altie spanish. visit i. told you my language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports from. the pollution from the no i will leave them to the state department
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to comment on your latter point and i'm going to say to mr kerry you have a car is on the docket no god. no more we were. when you made a direct question be prepared for a change when you throw a punch be ready for a. pretty ops page. down to freedom to cost. how do you operate dylan but again i'm going to him was going to sports such. as roof i'm not an olympic hockey player buying much say is on the mission to find a leak. into my fire. play. well with. technology innovation all the latest developments from
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around russia we. covered. right see. first rick. and i were being featured. on our reporters. and. the.
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riders take over the justice ministry in the capital and refuse to obey the opposition leadership who are trying to oust the country's government and refuse to take no for an answer right now euro looking at live pictures coming out of ukraine . syria peace talks in geneva give hope to the residents of aleppo as they return it to their devastated homes the city has seen some of the heaviest fighting during the civil conflict. and young voters and the u.k. become increasingly disenchanted with politics and politicians sparking concerns of a low turnout for next year's general election.


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